Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Heaven's Salon


I have a wavy to curly hair just like most women in the Philippines and yearly I need to have a hair rebond. I always have it done in one of the best salons in the country, just this year I'm caught unprepared for the expenses. Knowing the economy's condition I need to be practical and that spending for such treatment amounting to 5000 and above for my hair wouldn't be wise. So, I decided to hear my sister's advice and try one salon in Mandaluyong.

Heaven's Salon

From Starmall, Edsa Shaw Blvd.  I took a jeep with signage "KALENTONG" on it and went down at Araullo St. in front of BPI bank. When got inside the salon, I was amazed with the chandeliers all over the place. It looks elegant  despite the NOISE inside.

They have a promo for rebonding that as my sister says, nobody can't resist for it is so affordable.

>Package 1: Hair Rebond plus washable cellophane - 750php

>Package 2: Hair Rebond + permanent Cello + hair mask + eat all you can promo= 1150.00 + 35* = 1185php 

>Package 3:Hair Rebond + Service all you can for hair treatment + eat all you can promo= 1299+39*=1339php
                           -no foot spa and eyebrow trimming

>Package 4: Hair Rebond + Service all you can for hair treatment + eat all you can promo= 1399+42*=1442
                           -with foot spa and eyebrow trimming

(*) - added amount for their hair medications 

Thinking about all hair treatments I could get, I chose to have package 3. I told the receptionist that it is my first time at their salon and that I do not know anybody there except for Ms. Tina who handled my sister's hair when she had her treatment there. Unfortunately, she was on her rest day so the receptionist suggested their manager instead.

Yes, you have read it right, their manager will be the one who will fix my hair. She asked me go straight inside for shampoo this was done with a very light hand of a newbie, I could hear the "so called seniors" teaching her. Afterwards, the rebond solution was then applied unto my hair and let it set for an hour. They had my hair rinsed with water after an hour. The manager had my hair blow dried then she started ironing my hair. Now these was the worst experience I have from a hair rebonding salon.  Since my scalp is super sensitive to heat, I was whimpering every time she hit my scalp with the iron. It wasn't just once, she had hit my scalp several times! the good thing was she apologized every time she did. On the latter though, as if she became insensitive and as if it is just normal for me to whine in pain.  

I had experienced my hair rebonded from other salons, they might hit my scalp once or twice during the process but they were able to do things very light till the end.  I was not able to see or feel this from her and all you can hear from her was Sorry till she was done. 

After that she ask a newbie to have the "naturalizer" applied to my hair. She was teaching her how to properly apply it unto my hair but since a newbie she's still ain't confident with her moves. The manager should understand but she was on her firm and bossy voice while she talked to her just because the newbie was not doing it right. time. 

I've waited for another 30 minutes, It was already 12:30pm by then but the "unlimited food" haven't been prepared yet. So, people who availed for the "eat all you can promo" were all hungry and been waiting for it since 11am. 

Yes, the receptionist basically announced that the food would be arriving by 11am so we need to settle our bills for them give us food coupon and gate pass and present it before we could start  eating.

In all honesty I haven't heard any one of them become concerned about the reason it could be late. 

The manager again called me for rinsing of "naturalizer" and application of "transparent cellophane". The process was done by a male employee, I almost had a headache! It made me feel a bit dizzy. He doesn't know how to handle women's hair lightly. My polo shirt was really wet despite the towel placed on my back. 

Several minutes after application I asked the manager when will be the "Hair treatment all you can" be applied knowing that it was only cellophane on my hair. What she answered actually astounded me. Treatments like power dose, semi delino and the like was already mixed with the cellophane?! Could that be possible? When in fact, every hair should be given the right amount of dose for it to acquire all the treatments' benefits. 

At around 1:30pm, she told me that the food is served and that I can now eat upstairs. So I went up and eat, no comment about the food... 

After eating, my hair was rinsed and blow dried by the most sensitive staff inside that salon, she was able to actually assessed that I am already uncomfortable with the heat coming from the dryer that her instincts made her  lower the heat and ask if I am now comfortable.  I was not able to get her name though and all I could remember was she have red highlights on her hair and wearing a white watch. 

Then I had my hair trimmed.

The last "pasada" of ironing really pissed me off, why?  Its because the manager hit me near my eyebrows with the tip of the  iron pads. She AGAIN apologized. I smiled ( not sarcastically though).  

In all honesty, I am not sure how to react every time I would feel bad about something done to me, specifically in a crowd humbled by the cheap price they'll be paying in exchange for the promo services that they'll get.

I am undecided whether to complain or to shut up. 

My hair came out very nice anyway!  


1. Place: 

           > It has a good ambiance, well lighted and and clean.
           > The chandelier made the place look elegant.
           > Air condition is not enough for the number of people.
    *RATING - 4/5

2. Amenities:

           > RESTROOM: no lights and lock.
           > they only have one sink to cover the number of people
           > Food was late. But it was still good enough to eat.
    *RATING - 2/5 

3. People:
           > Everyone was nice and accommodating except for some who keeps on chattering with everyone else adding up with noise.
           > The manager and staff was happily not to mention noisily chatting about something while ironing the hair of their  client. (poor lady shehas to bare all their loud voices)
           >The receptionist was perky and kind enough to explain what you may avail
    *RATING - 3/5

           > May hair came out really nice, and I liked it. 
           > Price is cheap!
     *RATING - 4/5

I made this blog for the curious ones who had been asking from all the forums I have read about Heaven's Salon.

With the long line of people who's been patiently waiting for their turn at this salon, it only goes to prove that their service is really good. 

There's no doubt that the employees from this salon was able to make their clients satisfied but if improvements are made their end results would be CUSTOMER DELIGHT.

This had been my experience with them and it got nothing to do with what you guys might experience. I came out not delighted but still satisfied with my how my hair looked after visiting their salon... 

I still suggest you give it a try! 


hazel said...

may i have your office number ?..

clothing_trend said...

are you happy about the result of the rebond?

iamme said...

@clothing_trend: after less than 6 months, my hair started to get dry and frizzy...

@hazel: I don't have their office number... I am just a blogger and I don't work for them... thanx!

Anonymous said...

anu po contact number nyo?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your blog. I agree with you ragarding the managers loud and bossy voice. She does not care or is sensitive enough with the people around her. She keeps on talking "nonsense" considering that there are customers beside her. Its very irritating. The owner"Larry Aparico" should be aware of what is happening inside his salon. Managers should act and behave properly. If I'm not mistaken there are three seniors there. One of them is "LUCY" and she is the one I'm pertaining too. I just don't know where to contact the owner just to keep him reminded of these things. However, I'm satisfied with my rebonded hair.

Anonymous said...

che is not accomodating.. i don;t like the way she treated customers. She must be nice and bear in mind that customer is always right whatever the scenario is :)

Nicola "Coco" Tan said...

Whooo. Very very poor service! But how about the hair? Is it really nice? Planning to hav my rebond @ Heaven's Salon.

Anonymous said...

can you send me the official website of heaven's salon? just want to see more of there services thanks

Anonymous said...

I was about to have my hair rebonded today at this salon.. All of the bloggers review were true basing from my previous experience. Just want others to be reminded not to have their cellophane done by cookie..if I'm not mistaken by his name. He has done my cellophane and it was horrible.. May i recommend mr. Chan or ms. Tina to do your hair. The service all in all was poor but the outcome of the rebound was acceptable.although it does not stay longer than six months.

Anonymous said...

It wasn't my first time to have my hair rebonded done by this Salon. I even told my friends, co-workers, cousins about the amazing services that this salon could ever offer for your hair..
I still love the results!:)
but on the other hand,. i wanted to acknowledge your blog. Yes, i agree with you, as I experienced the same thing on my return last August 20, 2011.
I actually looked for the manager to do my hair, (i requested her) since she was the one who made my hair for the first time.
But instead of making me feel so WELCOME, It turned out to be so disappointing. Aside from the fact that She's BEST when it comes to ironing not just my hair but i experienced same thing you had)I thought being "requested" is flattering on her part. (hindi pala) she acted like "haaay..Opening kasi ako, actually naka labing limang rebond nako" (talking to one of her subordinate)
Manager to me: Ma'am, si Maricel na bahala sayo ha.. (Who was that?!) I was so Disappointed to her talaga!!
It made me feel like "kainis! nagintay nako ng ubod ng tagal, pinagpasapasahan pako"
Oryt.. But Super Thanks to the manager's decision..

Ou nga,. NAPAKAGANDA NG KINALABASAN NG BUHOK KO. TOTOO. lahat napapatanung "san ka nagparebond?"
sa kabila ng di magandang nangyari..
I still recommend HEAVEN's Salon.
The BEST Hair-Rebond Service.
OK dun.. Try nyu pa din...

Ikaw manager, Di ka makakatungtong sa kinaroonan mu ngayon,. kundi din dahil samin, kaming mga customer nyo..
kaya dapat niloLove mu kami..

Anonymous said...

Do they have like a contact number where we can call the salon?

Anonymous said...

are they open on sundays?

Anonymous said...

are they open on SUNDAYS???

Anonymous said...

Just had my hair rebond last friday and I'm not satisfied with the result my hair got dry and frizzy. I requested Ms. Tina to do my rebond unfortunately she transferred me to Ms. Lucy because she was about to finish her duty. Ms. Lucy accepted me and transferred me again to other staff if I'm not mistaken there are 3 persons who handled me, i heard Ms. Lucy ( gisingin nyo n lang ako pag 12 na ) so irritating very poor service she doesn't care if the person waiting for her, bossy type.. I will drop by to the salon this friday to get may hair reattach..

Anonymous said...

Open ba sila ng sunday? and possible bang mag reattach sila sa ibang branch nila, if ever hindi maganda yung ginawa nila?????? thanks

Anonymous said...

hi guys......yes they are very accomodating to all clients...nid lng talaga dun patience kze sa dami ng knilang clients...ndi ko nmn cnsbi perfect cla but they are good in services...ask lng sa receptionist to give the staff do for ur hair services....

Anonymous said...

heavens salon open every day heres thier contact 2276486/4827792mandaluyong...3920309q.c.branch..3918663lifehomes rosario,pasig....3454513rotonda pasig,3992052 shaw blvd,,they have binan,laguna also soon to open nila ata makati branch dis month....also they are good hair/makeup packages for weddings,debut at all events.....godbless guys....

iamme said...

hi guyz been out lately that i wasn't able check my site... anonymous who posted last october 16, 2011 7:16am, seems to have all the details you wish to have... if i may ask were connected with heaven's salon in any way?

Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea what time the salon opens?

Anonymous said...

I just had my hair rebonded sa heaven's salon at pasig last October 24, 2011. Hindi ko talaga expected na ganon katagal. Pumunta ako dun ng 12noon then I finished at around 8pm. Super slow nung service and yung process hindi ganon kaganda. Usually may timer na nilalagay kapag nagpaparebond ako sa ibang salon pero sa kanila feeling ko tanchahan lang. Btw, si jerome gumawa nung sakin ayos naman pero sabi nung auntie ko yung rebond dun doesn't last that long, like nung nkita ko yung auntie ko sabi nia 2 months pa lang yung rebond pero buhaghag na agad buhok nia. Feeling ko kung gano ka mura yung bayad sa salon ganon din and ibibigay sayong service. Para lang yung salon na to sa mga hindi kaya ang budget sa regular rebond. Hindi na ulit ako babalik dun. Mura nga mapapamura ka din sa service.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i just had my hair rebonded @ mandaluyong branch last nov 7, and ktulad ng experience nyo mejo d aq ntuwa sa ambiance ng salon nla very noisy not relaxing,d man lng in-open ang tv for us to watch while waiting plus d "manager lucy" was too noisy,it was jeboy dpat gagawa sakin but pnasa nya aq into a guy named jm den dat guy pnasa nman aq sa joseph hu colored my hair,and omg i didnt liked it kc lahat ng kulay nsa tuktok mukha aqng ewan after,hopefully mganda nman knlbasan or else i'll file for formal complaint.

Anonymous said...

Hey peeps, natakot ako sa comments nyo. ahaha.. nagbabalak p naman ako

Anonymous said...

Gosh.. quite scary and disappointing naman ang mga comments ng client ng Heaven Salon. I was really looking up for infos as I plan to get my hair done this week. To be honest, I am thinking twice now, kung di nga lang catchy ang price nila. Parang gusto kong i-print tong page para malaman nila mga negative comments lalo na pag di maganda experience ko sa kanila.hehe ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow I never realized how bad is their service based on the negative comments about this salon. I was thinking to have my hair rebonded this December. They were even featured by Jessica Soho yesterday about their rebonding promo.You have saved me from this might be horrible experience. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

hmm natakot ako sa mga comments..plan ko pa nmn magparebond don sa mandaluyong branch nila,pero kung ganon ung service at resulta..wag na lng.,ung last na rebond ko,naglast ng about a year,may kamahalan nga lang pero satisfied sa resut..

Anonymous said...

nakakatakot naman mga comment na ito...but its true...

whew! ndi na ako magpaparebond!


Anonymous said...

Ilang months nag last ang rebond nila?we are planning to go there pa naman kaya lang parang nega mga comments.hehe

Anonymous said...

nu ba yan..gsto q rin sana ..pero buti nlang nabasa q tong mga to..ayn auq na

Anonymous said...

Hindi ko rin nagustuhan ang pag rerebond nila sa hair ko. Sa una palang pag lalagay ng treatment na keratin sabalay na! Tinitipid nila yung gamot. Di nila masyado ina apply sa buhok. Eh mahaba pa naman nung hair kO ngayon. Next na ginawa yung pagplantsa ng hair at pag apply ng pang rebond na gamot di rin nila masyado ni aapply yung gamot. At di ko din alam kung may nilagay silang neutralizer. At saka nakakalito yung place nila. Yung hair ko ngayon parang di ni rebond kasi ang kapal pa din. Kapag nagpaparebind ako dati numinipis hair ko. Di rin nakaka relax dun sa salOn. Mas gugustuhin ko pa magparebond sa mahal na kilala na,, kesa sa mura nga ang ang panget ang resulta. Tsk..

Anonymous said...

any length nba ung mga package's nila....???kc sobrang haba ng hair ko...

Anonymous said...

waha we are planning pa naman to go there anytime this week since it was recommended by my friends friend. after reading this ayoko na lang. baka dun na lang ako Davids salon sa Evercommonwealth 2500 any lenght. Its the quality.

Apple said...

I had my rebond there 2x na and last saturday I'm suppose to do my 3rd rebond however the place is flooded with pips na by 11am.. I forgot na since it is almost Christmas, a lot of people wants to have their hair rebond and the fact that it is on a weekend that I went there, grabe sa dami!

So if you will go to this place, I suggest on a weekdays lalo na kung peak season like Nov-Dec.

For improvement, they should have an expansion of the place. Masyado na crowded sa dami ng tao.
Facilities is not good as well. Sa corridor lang sila ngrerebond and before you can have your hair wash,plantsa,cut,etc kelangan mo pa pumila kaya yung normal na 4-5hrs na rebond minsan umaabot ng 6hours or more.

Nevertheless, the outcome of rebond is great! This is highly recommended provided you have the time and patience to face the "area of improvement" of this salon.

So to the management of Heaven's, I hope that they will listen to the customer's feedback to better improve their service..=)

iamme said...

please stop posting spam messages...

Anonymous said...

can u pls give me the contact no. of this salon mandaluyong branch>>>.

Anonymous said...

hey guys im the one regularclient of heavens almost work from abroad dubai,umuwilang aq once a year to do last nov.30 i went to heaven shaw,nakakalerky sa reception pa lang i dont like.para xiang aligaga mag entertain ng mga clients,super dami,super tangap sila di naman nila kaya gawin ,walang cut off ng looking the person to did my rebond last 3yrs kaya lang wala na abroad na,so pinasa nila aq ky manager LUCY,super noisy xia dami nya blah blah blah payabangan sila ng mga co-workers nya,n d aq marelax, pasa pasa sa mga gawa,...... im not satisfied their services,always waiting for banlaw,dryer,flat iron,sadly hair cut.OMG 8 hrs.grabe ,3 days after bumalik sa kulot hair q,d na aq ppagawa ever never.dun na lang sa David salon ngparetouch,kahit medyo high price super ok namn. bonga,,,

Anonymous said...

ay correct me 2.nagpunta nung nov.30 after 3 days sira n hair ko parang walang ginawa..kaloka sila.walang kwenta binayad ko.nakakadala!parang binigay lang sa kanila pera.ang tagal2 pa

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